Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Home Paradise

ေရး - ဘစ္ဘတ္၊ ေအာင္လ ဆို - ေအာင္လ Never too late to return. It will be over again . I can see the feeling inside of you inside of you There's alot that I can't do. But I wanna be with you. If you tell me I'm out of my mind. And I feel like I'm gone blind. May be you could rule my heart. And tearing me apart.I let me down to lift you up. It got me what I deserve. In my dream & in my blood. you still the only one. I am gonna make my own paradise to take you home sometime everything so strange sometime there's no place to save. I know I don't make sense in anyway in every nights &days. I lost control I lost my vision. I lost my dignity. To bring me back me back my empty breathing.

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