Thursday, September 12, 2013

God Send Rain

ေရး - ဘဏ္ဘတ္၊ ေအာင္လ ဆို - ေအာင္လ I'll step aside and I'm forced to fight still I need to fill my side. With my Empty broken eyes. Yet I failed and unsaturated A creep is what I meant to be I'm all out of gas to breath It's my destiny, my philosophy, within the melting memory, but I don't realize, I couldn't civilize with all my tragedies. so take me down and pour me out. I know I spent my time to seek what I don't need. For being stuck and plugged until I bleed. Now I'm burning in my veins. I'll never put it out for someone else's sake. when my tear went gone, and god will send my rain. Will I need to turn. The table's never turned still I'm sitting on my side facing with my same old night

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