Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burn And Up

ေရး - ေဂ်းမီ ဆို - ေဂ်းမီ Well I'll be kicking these raps, another lyrical attack. Putting Burma on the map and your sister on my lap. Ain't nothing wrong with creating a storm. rocking on the crowd real loud like I was KORN. The don of Rhyme assasinaters .laughing at you acting a player, Because I'm the Mac and the maker. you see these people, how they react to the flaver. Getting major ,plenty Papper ,capital j's a savior It's amazing how I got you people bouncing aguin. so forget a hundred I'm giving you a thousand persent . A master piece. chillin with a bag of weed. make shorty grab the sheet. that;s how I'm shagging G It's the ish that i will be spitting like is written thewall I'm swit that I'll be getting props. so much more than y'all .and I will never lose, forget A Booze Hip Hop is Alive and I,m living proof. I got love from Everywhere .They don't discriminate, blood, sweat and tears for years, you can't player hate Ain't no debates or compitions I don't care if you can't relate. ;m on the stronger mission Jappingthe challenger, hold the excallaber project 1 smacking you hard. Holla back if you smart. lyrically lashing your parts and I well get you tight blown spitting with the right tone . Hanging out wih cyclone. Bombing on the microphone. I will never let you down The sun is coming back around . King of the town . that right ,I said it I'm going to be rich if you bet it and you'll never regret it street credict beats with theoretics so burn em up all the teacher grab the speaker and turn it up High with shurm n'dust and you'll never learn to judge this MAN that you busted I'm not the one to back with. controls you like a Puppet I love this yes you know you rocking with the best young fresh to dcath gang banging in your project I feelso bless like loso and R.les . Iwant to see nan in BKK during the hip hop fast the shining one in the room but opposite of weakest. you're so jealous you're starting to cough general gervious you're starting to cough general gervious the ressurection of hip hop in Asia we're the leaders smocking reefa's forget body guards Igot jeasus ONE for the street enterpeneurs that's standing tall TWO for human beatboxer wearing rocks. THREE for the ladies that reated JME like a body FOUR this is hardcore so f all of y' all. burn it up because Iwill take you highter. Yes I got the Mic on fire straight ryder. people desire. game tiger. lift up up lighters ang BURN IT UP

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